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Dream 2 Science EP Dream 2 Science


The musical archeologists at Amsterdam’s Rush Hour label have unearthed another rare, long-forgotten deep house classic, that has been shrouded in mystery. „Dream 2 Science EP“ was released back in 1990 and has been out of print for more than twenty years. Produced by  Newcleus’s Cozmo D (yes, the legendary electro group) it’s a journey back to the very beginnings of futuristic and soulfull deep house, much in the vain of early Bobby Konders, the Burrell Brothers, Virgo,  or, of course, Larry Heard (one of the tracks is even called „Mystery Of Love“). The six tracks are simple, yet mesmerizingly lush, and full of emotion with sultry vocals, gently bubbling 303 basslines and floating pads. Timeless house music for the soul.

Sven von Thülen | May 24, 2012


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