Phillips Lauer

    Phillip Lauer is an unabashedly dedicated purveyor of fine mid-80s dance music. No matter if cheeky italo-disco, deep early Chicago house, new wave, boogie, yacht rock or cosmic balearic, Phillip Lauer knows how to pull these tried and tested styles off without creating mere pastiche. His debut album for Running Back showcases versatility and flamboyance which borders on kitsch at times. But, it’s the kind of kitsch that makes you close your eyes and take another spin on the dancefloor. „Phillips“ is filled to the brim with joyous moments, tracks that have a perfectly executed feel-good-vibe at their very core. It’s hard to pick favourites since pretty much all track are hands-in-the-air business in one way or the other. Resisting Lauer’s charming take on all things 80s is not easy, and honestly there really is no reason why you should try. Blame it on the boogie.

    Sven von Thülen | May 24, 2012

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