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Early Birds Múm


"Early Birds" compiles some of the band's earliest demos and unreleased material. Let múm put a spell on you again with their experimental songs combining folk, field-recordings and electronic glitches.

Icelandic electronica experimentalists múm have compiled a collection of rare and unreleased songs which date back to the very beginnings of the group (hence the title „Early Birds“), just before their debut album „Yesterday Was Dramatic Today Is OK“ catapulted them into the heart of IDM, folk, pop and electronica fans alike. Back then múm’s sound bustled with naivety and joyful curiousity. Some of the fifteen songs on „Early Birds“ probably hadn’t seen a release before for a reason, but there is plenty of the magic to be found that made the early múm records so fairytale-like and compelling: collaged field-recordings, oddball folktronica, glitching electronic beats and bitter-sweet melodies that just melt your heart and make you feel happy to be alive in equal measures. Vocals are rare, but music with so much narrative power doesn’t need lyrics anyway. If you are looking for an extra dose of playful sonic optimism „Early Bird“ is the perfect soundtrack.

Sven von Thülen | Jul 30, 2012


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