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Where Were U In '92 ? Zomby


This reissue was long overdue. Zomby re-releases his seminal rave homage „Where Were U In 92“ on his newly minted label Cult Music (the album was originally released on ActressWerk Disc's label). The fourteen tracks are a tour de force through the euphoric beginnings of the „’ardcore continuum,“ full of massive breakbeats, glorious rave stabs, ecstatic piano-chords, sirens, ragga vocal snippets and massive amounts of dubwise, earth-shattering bass. Tracks like „Fuck Mixing, Let’s Dance,“ „We Got The Sound“ or „Get Sorted“ transport you right back to a time when dance music and rave culture as we know it, was still in its most exciting and revolutionary phase. That „Where Were U In 92?“ is more than just a trip down memory-lane is one of Zomby’s big achivements. Tracks like „Daft Punk Rave“ or „Pillz“ hint at what was to come after the initial rave explosion. So all you ravers (new and old) out there, pack your glow-sticks one more time and party like it’s 1992.

Sven von Thülen | Jun 17, 2012
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