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Key Pg.lost


“Key” is the third album by pg.lost from Norrköping, Sweden. It remains a mystery to me how certain post rock bands succeed in creating magnificent sound sculptures. A musical genre that should be predestined for monotony and boredom is among the most exciting music created today. And, pg.lost are first-rate among their musical peers. “Key” is an astonishing achievement with an atmosphere that is hard to describe without using terms such as “sublime,” “majestic,” “solemn” or “overwhelming.” Opener “Spirits Stampede” sets the tone and shoves you right into a glorious soundworld, where you can lose yourself in intricate sonic labyrinths and upward spirals. And while their music is very ornate, pg.lost manage to refrain from kitsch. They describe themselves as an orchestra of the heart, and although that’s a bit pompous, it’s also not a bad description. “Terrain” provides some variation in their instrumental post rock, and “I am a Destroyer” ends almost Melvinsesque. “Gathering” begins as a light piece, but concludes in dark, powerful doom. The album’s longest track, “Weaver,” is also its climax. Beautifully positioned as the album’s coda, it sets out as a minimal piano piece, and then alternates between ambient timbres and erupting staccato riffs. After the fantastic “In Never Out” hopes were high, and “Key” satisfies these expectations completely.

Klaas Ilse | Jun 17, 2012


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