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Body Darling Farah


2012 is slowly but surely becoming a pivotal year for Darling Farah. In February Resident Advisor featured the young Detroit-born producer who now lives in the UK and also has roots in the United Arab Emirates in their „Breaking Through“ column, exposing his take on sweaty warehouse techno styles and bass music variants to a wider public. And, now he has released his debut album „Body,“ which will most certainly see him gaining even more attention and affection from techno afficionados worldwide. Darling Farah’s sound is stripped down and dubby, owing a great deal to classic minimalist techno auteurs and labels like Voices From The Lake, Shed, Rod Model or Chain Reaction, but giving all these influences his own subtle sonic twist which makes „Body“ stand out from your typical fare (of bass music embracing) „Berghain techno.“ Tracks like „Realised,“ „All Eyes“ or „Fortune“ (part one and two) are as deep as you can get, without trading depth against kinetic power. The whole album has a great narrative quality sucking you into a vortex of bass, muffled kicks, scattered hi-hat patterns and grainy textures - making „Body“ one of the best techno albums of 2012 so far.

Sven von Thülen | Jul 2, 2012
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