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The Cherry Thing Neneh Cherry & The Thing


Neneh Cherry is back in full-force with jazz trio The Thing, presenting 50 minutes of smashing avantgarde-fusion jazz. Absolutely breathtaking.

When Neneh Cherry released "Raw Like Sushi" in 1989, this album marked one of the turning points in my personal musical history. I waited in front of the video recorder, watching MTV the whole afternoon and ready to press the button as soon as "Buffalo Stance" and "Man Child" were on. This girl had style and something to say. She certainly was the embodiment of coolness for me at that time. After her 1996 album "Man", I lost track of Neneh Cherry, despite her numerous collaborations, including Gorillaz, Peter Gabriel and Groove Armada.
Now, Neneh Cherry is back in full-force with jazz trio The Thing and she hasn't lost any of her coolness. The album starts off with "Cashback", an original composition, followed by Suicide's "Dream Baby Dream", turned into an ethereal eight-minute voyage. With Ramones' "To Tough To Die" the album reaches its first fever pitch. Note by note the song looses its structure, resulting in total chaos, where you can hardly distinguish Neneh's vocals from Mats Gustafsson's saxophone. "Sudden Moment" is the second original composition on the album and perfectly heralds the second half. MF Doom's „Accordion“ is completely pulled apart, with Neneh Cherry adding her very own hip hop flavour to it. The song is followed by Don Cherry's "Golden Heart" and The Stooges classic "Dirt", which feels like being buried by an avalanche. Finally Ornette Coleman's "What Reason Could I give" provides a worthy ending for a smashing album, that leaves you breathless.

Claudia Nethge | Jul 23, 2012


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