Ghettos & Gardens Justin Martin

    Justin Martin is part of Claude von Stroke's Dirtybird posse and a master of stripped-down house music that will bring down the walls in pretty much every self-respecting club. He also has a weak spot for beautiful melodies though.

    Debut album by Dirtybird’s Justin Martin, whose reputation as a producer and in-demand dj has been reaching new heights over the last few months. On „Ghettos & Gardens“ the San Francisco-based beatsmith showcases his take on modern, quirky house music. Justin Martin’s music is often described as „melodic and tough,“ which is most definitely true for „Ghettos & Gardens,“ with a slight emphasis on tough, stripped-down club tracks like „Kemistry,“ „Ruff Stuff,“ „Molokini“ or „Lezgo,“ which clearly will command dancers to shake their butts all around clubland. But there is plenty of melody to be found here though, too. Check the harp sporting „Don’t Go,“ the low slung bounce of „Butterflies“ or the album’s closing downbeat jam „Ladybug.“ This is house music with a sense of humor.

    Sven von Thülen | Jul 9, 2012
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