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Parthenon PLVS VLTRA


While "Parthenon" is full of catchy melodies, choruses and vocal hooks , it is also filled to the brim with playful sonic eccentricities and quirky charm. Another winner on John Elliott's label Spectrum Spools.

Spectrum Spools has surprised us yet again. PLVS VLTRA’s „Parthenon“ is a bonafide pop album with catchy hooklines and an abundance of vocals all pressed into three-minute songs. But, it is still Spectrum Spools we are talking about, so of course this is oddball dance pop full of eccentricities, weird samples and glitching electronics. PLVS VLTRA is the new moniker of Toko Yasuda, who was part of Blone Redhead and Enon at some point and whose Japanese accent and sometimes hard to understand lyrics just add to the playful chaotic charm of the songs on „Parthenon.“ This music is quite hard to pigeonhole as every song seems to have a life of its own, twisting and turning pop music inside out and having a big laugh doing it. In fact, there is so much going on in most songs that „Parthenon“ becomes almost psychedelic in feel.  And, that is probably why it fits so neatly into the Spectrum Spools' catalogue, though it also could have been released on Not Not Fun – another petri dish for quirky leftfiled pop idiosyncrasies and experiments. „Parthenon“ is as confusing as it is charming and hopelessly catchy.

Sven von Thülen | Aug 6, 2012
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