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Akashic Record (Events: 1986-1990) Outer Space


"Akashic Record (Events: 1986 - 1990)" has trance written all over it. In a good way, though. On their sophomore album John Elliott and his collaborators further investigate the most seductive corners of the ambient/cosmic/krautrock omniverse.

I don’t wanna see John Elliott’s daily schedule. The Spectrum Spools label head and one third of the mighty Emeralds seems to have found a way to squeeze a few extra hours out of each day. Apart from his label’s relentless release schedule (twenty albums with lavishly designed artwork in around twelve months) he has also managed to produce the sophomore album of his Outer Space project, a loose collaborative effort with a rotating cast of like-minded synth-loving collaborators. Two years after the release of the self-titled debut, the new full-length „Akashic Record (Event 1986 – 1990)“ includes contributions from Philip Whiteside (of Wavehead) and Drew Mcdowall (of Coil-fame) as well as Jeff Hatfield (of Fragments), sporting five lysergic, cosmic synth-explorations for you to get lost in. Tracks like „The Fifth Column“ or one of the two live jams „October 27th, 1989 Bay Village, Ohio“ are the perfect trance music and sound like the missing link between classic synth pioneers like Tangerine Dream and techno from people lilke Carl Craig or Petar Dundov, with endlessly modulating arpeggios and evocative pads to boot. Brilliant stuff.

Sven von Thülen | Jul 16, 2012


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