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Soulful Shanghai IG Culture


IG Culture had been off my radar for a bit I have to confess. But two years ago he bumped back into it with the massive „Traffic,“ a collaboration with Detroit’s house maestro Theo Parrish on Amsterdam’s Kindred Spirits label. And, it’s the Rush Hour affiliated label that IG Culture has chosen for his newest album „Soulful Shanghai,“ an eclectic exploration of jazz-funk, soul, hiphop, electro and house music’s shared roots studded with guest appearances by musicians and vocalists like Mr. Mensah, Bilal Salaam or Ernest Khabeer. On seventeen tracks, IG Culture and his cohorts take the political and spiritual edge of legends like Gil-Scott Heron, who they cover („The Revalution Will Not Be Tell Lie Vise“) or the Mizell Brothers, who they hommage („The (Blessed) Mizells") and fuse it with state-of-the-art hip hop beat-trickery, deep house, a bit of early electro and an extra amount of soul. Music that moves you on all levels.

Sven von Thülen | Jun 11, 2012
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