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Get the City Love You Iguana


On their debut album, “Get the City Love You,” Iguana present heavy rock of the psychedelic variety, dry as a desert and brimful of blues riffs.

That you can discern the numerous influences in the dry-as-desert-dust riffing on their debut album, “Get the City Love You,” doesn’t mean that Iguana merely follow in other bands’ giant footsteps. Iguana play their very own brand of heavy psychedelic desert rock, though not completely independent of the likes of Queens of the Stone Age. But who could get into stoner rock and steer past them? “Get the City Love You” has everything a solid heavy rock album needs: monster riffs,  and earthy songs, a great production and especially a stunning singer who will not only appeal to hardcore stoner fans and bikers. This is a mesmerizing album with ten powerful songs like “Vague as a Mirage”, “A Royal Null Adrift” and the title track standing out like mesas in the desert.

Klaas Ilse | Jul 16, 2012


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