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Traps Jaill


The third studio album shows Jaill practically reinventing sixties pop, without the psychedelia, however. A hand-made retro album to while away lazy summer days.

On “Traps,” their third studio album, Milwaukee indie rockers Jaill play old-school garage rock, breathing the sixties spirit in huge technicolor clouds. The music cannot, by rights, be categorized as psychedelic, yet the imagery of the lyrics is strongly reminiscent of late-phase Beatles and their disciples. Vinnie Kircher sings in a high-pitched voice, sometimes with a Joey-Ramone-like wail. Especially on the laid-back “Horrible Things” sweet sixties pop takes center stage. My personal favorite is “Stone Froze Mascot,” which stands out from the other songs, because it slightly differs in sound and style. Although largely retro, this endearing hand-made pop album puts all those over-produced contemporary pop artists in their place. If they add more psychedelia to the mix next time, I’m sold.

Klaas Ilse | Jul 9, 2012
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