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New Moon Maayan Nidam


With Luciano's Cadenza, Berlin-based producer Maayan Nidam has found a new home for her sophomore album "New Moon," an album full of minimalist house-excursions and intimate late night jams, ready to rock your next after (after) party.

Three years after her debut album „Nightlong“ on Powershovel Audio, Maayan Nidam returns with her sophomore album – but this time on Luciano’s Cadenza record label. The trippy extended Ibiza-fied tech house Cadenza is known for and the intimate, sample-heavy minimalist house excursions Maayan Nidam has stitched together so beautifully, seems like an odd combination at first. It is not. Tracks like „Send A Pigeon,“ „Last Moon“ or „Harmonious Funk“ sound like the lightfooted afterglow of a party's long day (and night). All eleven tracks are perfect afterhour material, from the short, soul oozing interludes like „On My Street“ and „Lies In Love“ to trippy funk jams like „Undermine“ or the mesmerizing piano piece „Sunday Sunday.“ „New Moon“ has a wide musical range, yet it is a perfectly balanced, soothing affair. Highly recommended.

Sven von Thülen | Jul 9, 2012
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