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Ask The Dust Lorn


Brainfeeder beat-smith Lorn releases his sophomore album „Ask The Dust“ on Coldcut’s beat-trickery stronghold Ninja Tune, who have established a close work relationship with Flying Lotus’ Los Angeles- based label. Lorn’s sound is heavy. The drums in tracks like „Weigh Me Down,“ „Mercy“ or „Dead Dogs“ (which also reminds these ears of DJ Shadow quite a bit) are pounding in a hip hop meets dubstep template. The bass rumbles through grainy textures and the overall mood is, well, heavy. Tracks like „Ghosst,“ „The Gun“ or „Everything Is Violence“ are especially moody. „Ask The Dust“ is state-of-the-art beat science gone film-noir. The sun doesn’t shine in Lorn’s sonic universe, but we ain’t complaining.

Sven von Thülen | Jul 2, 2012
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