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Exo Gatekeeper


On their debut album "Exo," Gatekeeper imagine a lucid musical twilight zone where EBM, industrial, breakbeats, techno and acid meet. A cinematic journey full of clanging steely percussion and corrosive acid tweaks.

Get your leather gear ready. On their debut album „Exo,“ Aaron Davis Ross and Matthew Arkell aka Gatekeeper combine cinematic synth wrangling a la John Carpenter with pounding (break-)beats, hoovering synths and nasty acid workouts. „Exo“ consists of twelve, sometimes very short, tracks that will catapult you into a musical twilight zone, where EBM, industrial, breakbeats and lysergic acid-tweaks meet at a before unknown junction. Tracks like „Hydrus“ or „Aero“ sound like „Sheet One“-era Plastikman on steroids. „Exo“ really could be the soundtrack to some yet unreleased Luc Besson sci-fi flick, ebbing and flowing between calm introspective moments and tumultuous attacks. „Encarta,“ the album’s closing track is maybe the craziest most mental of the lot, with frenzied acid-sequence punctuating your nervous system over a hammering reverb-drenched set of kicks and steel percussion sounds while a chorus sings on top of that. Utterly strange - and mindblowing. Way to close your album on a high note.

Sven von Thülen | Jul 23, 2012
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