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LP (Explicit) D'eon


The sound of D'Eon's sophomore album is a truly alchemical blend of r&b, jungle, footwork, 80s pop and new music topped off with the Montreal-based producer's Phil Collins-like croon. Sounds strangely exhilarating? It is …

Montreal-based producer and purveyor of idiosyncratic synth exploration D’Eon’s sophomore album sees him venturing deeper than ever before into a musical Twilight Zone where footwork, jungle, 80s pop, r&b and new age music can make up equal parts of a record – and this combination strangely enough makes total sense. Musically D’Eon is the quintessential Hippos in Tanks artist: eccentric, uninhibited, playful and completely ignorant of genre boundaries or any musical rule book. His vocals, which often sound as if he were channeling a young Phil Collins just adds to the strange appeal of his music, which at the same time feels helplessly nostalgic and hauntingly futuristic. For all intents and purposes the fourteen tracks are pure pop (the otherworldly, Twilight Zone-y kind). Listen to „Century By Century“ or „Gabriel Pt1“ once and you will have a hard time to get those hooklines and refrains out of your head. Highly recommended for fans of Grimes, Hippos In Tanks and, well, Genesis.

Sven von Thülen | Aug 13, 2012
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