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Illuminated People Islet


Islet start off their debut album, “Illuminated People,” with its highpoint, the nine-minute epic “Libra Man” – or so one would think, until “This Fortune” blasts from the speakers, with synths careening in overdrive and Emma Daman singing. Psychedelic influences and noise rock elements are strong in the band’s sound (Daman once played in the Cardiff-based noise band, The Victorian English Gentlemens Club), but Islet do know how to write an appealing pop tune. While “Entwined Pines” very successfully showcases the band’s heavier side (to a certain degree), “What We Done Wrong” features wonderfully arranged multi-layered voices and thus achieves a psychedelic effect while retaining the catchiness of a pop song. The quiet, soothing, almost trippy “A Warrior Who Longs to Grow Herbs” is reminiscent of acts like Portishead. No two songs sound the same, yet “Illuminated People” is a coherent whole, an intriguing interface of pop and noise rock.

Klaas Ilse | Jul 2, 2012


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