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Journey of the Deep Sea Dweller II Drexciya


Clone is finally unleashing the second chapter of their mighty Drexciya reissues. If you still need proof how utterly essential and unique the musical transmissions of one of Detroit’s most elusive projects are to this day, look no further. „Journey Of The Deep Sea Dweller II“ will suck you deep into Drexciya’s mystical aquatopian world of caustic techno and corrosive electro. As Kodwo Eshun brilliantly wrote a mere fifteen years ago: „Drexciya specialise in tones that scour and slide at the same time. Harsh glissement, dry wetness, acrid liquid, alkaline solutions. Rather than projecting imaginary soundtracks onto the mind's screen, Drexciyan Techno puts a distance between you and it. To listen is to be shut out of their inhuman world. You want in to that world but all your senses tell you that you won't survive it.“ 2012 and we still want in to that world, which might be dangerous but tracks like „Anti Vapour Waves,“ „Positron Island,“ „Danger Bay,“ „Bang Bang“ or the mighty „Journey Home“ (from their ep on Warp by the same title) are well worth the gasps for air and the sonic attacks on your nervous system. One of techno’s most exciting sonic fictions, ready to be (re-)discovered.

Sven von Thülen | Jul 2, 2012
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