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Raw Money Raps Jeremiah Jae


Madlib collaborator Jeremiah Jae unleashes his debut album via Flying Lotus' Brainfeeder label, filled to the brim with dusty samples, submerged beats, mumbling raps and healing frequencies. Psychedelic hip hop galore

Flying LotusBrainfeeder continues to be a prime hub for genuinely eccentric artists with a knack for the dusty and psychedelic. Jeremiah Jae’s debut album „Raw Money Raps“ is hip hop in its haziest most esoteric form. The beats rumble in varying time signatures, while twitchy electronics and samples coalesce into a thick, trippy texture while warm basslines keep pushing you forward. Jeremiah Jae ponders and mumbles his rhymes, which often times are just part of the sonic texture, submerged in crackles and static, sounding as if they were recorded through broken headphones. Most songs barely scratch the three-minute mark, but it says something about the narrative quality of  „Raw Money Raps“ that you don’t end up feling like you’ve just listened to nineteen obscure sketches. If you like your hip hop arty and eccentric you should check out „Raw Money Raps“.

Sven von Thülen | Aug 6, 2012
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