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Third Encounter Sasse


Finnish veteran house producer pays homage to Chicago’s classic sound and explores his own blend of laid-back deep house on his third studio album under his Sasse moniker.

It’s fair to call Klas Lindblad aka Sasse a veteran producer these days. Since his first eps on Puu, a sub-label of Helsinki’s legendary Sähkö imprint, back in 1997, he has released more than 100 singles, an impressive number of remixes and various albums. „Third Encounter“ is his third studio album under his Sasse moniker and is the Berlin-based producer’s return to working fully with analog and arranging and recording all tracks live for that extra raw edge. Sonically he pays hommage to the classic sound of Chicago (hence track titles like „Mr. Fingers“ and „707 Heaven“), while also further exploring his own blend of laid back deep house he is mostly known for. Tracks like „Fantazy,“ „Eagle Eye“ or „Analog City“ are simple and seductive classic house jams, which will have you dance and smile in no time.

Sven von Thülen | Jul 16, 2012


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