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Green Eyed Monsters Rotten Ped


Rotten Ped’s enthralling third album bursts with groovy, energetic indie rock, now with less controversy, but more catchiness

“Green Eyed Monsters” is the third album by British trio, Rotten Ped. Often described as controversial, I wasn’t particularly offended by any of the band’s lyrics. However, I certainly dig the groovy, in parts noisy, indie rock with lush, double-tracked vocals by Phill Pedder, the eponymous “Rotten Ped.” The crunchy, catchy basslines and an overall sizzling energy make the songs – and the album as a whole – immensely enjoyable. Tracks you definitely should lend your sympathetic ear to are “The Gruesome End” and “Do it.” “MK 13” even reminded me of the style of Chris Connelly’s latest album, “Artificial Madness” – and since he is one of my favorite singers, that’s definitely an asset. Not so controversial anymore, but an absolutely enthralling album.

Klaas Ilse | Jul 30, 2012


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