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I Make Lists EP Ikonika


You want day-glo lead-synths? Euphoric melodies? The flex of Chicago house with sprinkles of acid and booming electro? And, all of that seen through the lens of contemporary bass music? "I Make Lists," might be the one for you to listen to.

Wow, has it been that long already? A quick online check confirms that it’s been two years since Sara Abdel-Hamid aka Ikonika released her last record. A lot has happened since then. Hyperdub, the label that released her debut album „Contact, Love, Want, Have“ back in 2010, has since been bitten by the hypnagogic bug and influence of classic house tropes in UK’s bass music omniverse has gotten even stronger. „I Make Lists“ marks her return to her own label Hum & Buzz and the six tracks are as melodic and colourful as we've come to expect from her. One thing has changed though - that she is now fully embracing the 4x4 template, which gives her tracks an even more anthemic touch, if that was even possible. Ikonika throws Chicago house, acid, electro, a bit of UK funky and a big spoonful of day-glo trance in a big pot to cook up her idiosyncratic brew of, well, rave music. Highlights are the Euro house-gone-acid banger „Catch Vibes“ and the stealthy electro-acid jam „Take Pictures“. Those two tracks alone are worth the admission.

Sven von Thülen | Jul 23, 2012


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