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The wait is over. Cooly G's anxiously anticipated debut album "Playin Me" is finally out and it is the seductive and free-form effort we all had hoped for. An emotionally charged amalgam of UK funky mutations, dub, r&b and pop. This is a big one

Finally here it is: Cooly G’s feverishly anticipated debut album on Kode 9’s ever reliant Hyperdub label. As with her previous singles „Playin Me“ marks Cooly G’s next big step as producer and singer, consisting of thirteen seductive tracks with her vocals prominently featured throughout. The album’s opener „He Said I Said“ sets the album’s somewhat plaintive and blue mood, before it unfolds its dubbed-out magic and its intricate drum programming. The traits of UK funky, the scene through which she first gained recognition a few years back, are still audible in tracks like „What Airtime“ or „It’s Serious“ (her collaboration with Karizma), but they are more mutated than ever, while the rest of the album explores an idiosyncratic amalgam of dub, pop-sensibilities, r&b and everything post-dubstep. „Playin Me“ is an emotionally charged album, that in its sonic scope and feeling reminds you of classic British inner city albums like Massive Attack's „Blue Lines“ or Tricky’s „Maxinquaye“. Dare I say a future classic!?

Sven von Thülen | Jul 30, 2012
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