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AUN Fennesz


The music of Christian Fennesz has always been very evocative and visual. On "AUN," the soundtrack to an art film with the same title, he once again demonstrates his ability to tell a story with his music. Meditative stuff.

A new record by Christian Fennesz is always a reason to get excited. „AUN“ is the soundtrack to Edgar Honetschläger’s film with the same title, which „tells the story of mankind’s quest for the future, his desire to create the tomorrow, his fear of and loathing for the apocalypse. It spins the Faustian theme twice and lays bare open the inexhaustible Judea/Christian belief in progress, which by the 21st century has taken over the entire world and has succeeded in maneuvering the globe into a situation that can’t be solved by means of economics and science anymore.“ Heavy (heady) stuff you think? Well, the album’s fifteen compositions, some of which were previously released on Fennesz and Ryuichi Sakamoto’s joint album „Cendre,“ are most definitely on the soothing side of things. The overall mood is calm and meditative, with Fennesz expertly layering electronic textures and guitar drones until the unfolding amalgam of sound slowly but surely quietens the mind of the listener. Truly evocative music.

Sven von Thülen | Sep 3, 2012
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