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Mistakes Are Made For Everyone STL


"Mistakes Are Made For Everyone" is another quality release from the German producer, that aesthetically shares common ground with Detroit-based house mavericks like Omar S or early Theo Parrish.

Stephan Laubner aka STL is one of Europe’s main purveyors of raw, gritty and analogue house with a big heart for all things lo-fi. If you have a similar love for this deliberately grainy aesthetic, which is usually associated with Detroit's house mavericks like Omar S, (early) Theo Parrish or Marcellus Pittman (or with the esoteric transmissions from Chicago's Hieroglyphic Being), „Mistakes Are Made For Everyone,“ his newest set of late night excursions, will make you dim the lights in your living-room and start to dance the second you hear the opening track „Fast Forward“ with its rugged percussion sounds and its scuffed jacking bassline. „Juggle It“ takes it into deeper Beatdown territory, while tracks like „Easy Morning“ and „The Something Like“ are simply beautiful mid-tempo deep house jams for the wee hours. As an added bonus you get four crunchy loops. Quality as usual from STL.

Sven von Thülen | Jul 16, 2012


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