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S_W_Z_K marks the newest phase in the evolution of Swayzak, one of UK's longest running house and techno projects. It's now a solo effort by David Brown who gave both the project's name and its sound a relaunch.

The revitalised label of Berlin’s infamous techno club, doesn’t slow down. After Puresque’s excellent debut album two months back, Tresor Records drops the next album. „S_W_Z_K“ marks the newest phase in the evolution of Swayzak. David Taylor left the project and the remaining David Brown hasn’t just given the project’s name a relaunch, but also its sound. The clicky, minimalized house of past years made room for gritty and stripped down techno minimalism to enthrall Tresor’s fog and strobe drenched basement floor with. The ten tracks on this self-titled album (should we call it a debut album?) draw heavily on Berlin’s dub techno heritage while at the same time exploring monochrome industrial areas, reminiscent of Sleeparchive’s ep on Tresor a few months back. Muscular techno with an exploratory impetus.

Sven von Thülen | Jul 23, 2012


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