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Secret Life Of Machines Remastered & Remixed Sterac aka Steve Rachmad


Sterac aka Steve Rachmad's seminal techno album "Secret Life Of Machines" from back in the mid 90s gets the full treatment of remastering and remixing. Classic Motor City techno rewired by one of Amsterdam's most reknowned producers. Timeless stuff.

Dutch veteran techno producer Steve Rachmad aka Sterac and 2000 And One’s long-running 100% Pure label re-release Rachmad’s seminal debut album „Secret Life Of The Machines“ from back in 1995. For this new edition he has carefully remastered and remixed those classic Detroit techno-infused tracks to give them a silky modern day glimmer. Nearly twenty years after its first release „Secret Life Of Machines“ sounds as evocative and beautiful as ever, full of shimmering melodies and stripped down yet highly effective machine funk. If you like classic minimal techno with lots of melody and soul you should really check this out. Timeless stuff.

Sven von Thülen | Jul 30, 2012


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