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Pink Four Tet


Kieran Hebden finally compiles his ventures into full-blown dance music, previously only released on 12", on an album full of compelling techno and UK garage idiosyncrasies and enchanting melodies.

Over the last two/three years, Four Tet’s productions have aimed more and more at the dancefloor. This shift was nowhere as audible as on the 12“es he has put out on his very own Text Records label. „Pink“ compiles these ventures into techno and dubstep idiosyncrasies. Four Tet injects those tried and true templates with his own unique sense of musicality and attention to detail, managing to combine rawness and obvious production wits to form rather beautiful club tracks with a lot of personality. Tracks like „Lion,“ „Ocoras“ or the mesmerizingly jacking „Pyramid“ are the most full-blown house/techno excursions of the album, while „Jupiter“ or „128 Harps“ explores more swung bass-heavy UK garage territory enriched with twinkling synth melodies. The aptly titled „Peace For Earth“ on the other hand is an epic journey into airy ambient with intricate melodies and arpeggios slowly melting together. „Pinnacles,“ the album’s closing track is another stand-out track. Organic space disco at its best. A stunning collection of left field dance tracks.

Sven von Thülen | Aug 27, 2012


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