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A New World D'Marc Cantu


Oldschool at heart, but executed with his own sonic twists on tried and tested sound palettes, "A New World" is an arresting album of raw and rugged house music.

Chicago-based D’Marc Cantu is one of those producrs who is constantly channeling his love for all things old school and jacking, through his raw and melodic tracks without creating a mere pastiche of classic Windy City house and Motor City techno. „A New World,“ his sophomore album on the Delsin-affiliated M>O>S imprint is another perfect example of how to use classic sound signatures and twist and turn them until you come up with something that is essentially your own. „A New World“ bursts with moody, raw and rugged machine funk, at the same time deeply melodic and evocative and full of furious kinetic power. You can tag tracks like „Spirit,“ „Try Me“ or „The First Planet“ as timeless not just because of the sounds and techniques used to produce them, but because they are simply very good tracks, which once again prove that Marc D’Cantu knows how to make his machines sing.

Sven von Thülen | Aug 6, 2012


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