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Family The Cast Of Cheers


Danceable post punk with a strong pop edge characterize the debut album by The Cast of Cheers, stringing together highlight after catchy highlight.

To avoid any disappointment: this Cast of Cheers does not include either Ted Danson or Kelsey Grammer. They do, however, play a very melodious and exceedingly catchy form of post punk on their debut album, “Family.” The album is great from the first note to the last, so it is quite hard to pick out any highlights, but my personal favorites include “Trucks at Night” and “Animals.” The Cast of Cheers play mainly at the pop end of the post punk field, so they are closer to The Housemartins, Blur and Bloc Party than Gang of Four or Franz Ferdinand, but they do know how to groove, and they make very effective use of call-and-response vocals. The bass sounds crisp, the drum beats are groovy and danceable, the guitars meldodious and captivating. “Human Elevator” and the album’s title track are surefire hit singles. This debut album raises the expectations, and it will be interesting to see whether The Cast of Cheers can live up to them in the future.

Klaas Ilse | Aug 13, 2012


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