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Radio Transmission sleeparchive


Originally released in 2006, Sleeparchive's "Radio Transmission" gained classic-status instantly. Minimal techno doesn't get much more refined than this.

Like all of his early releases „Radio Transmission“, Sleeparchive’s fifth release on his self-titled label, became an instant classic. Originally released in 2006, it has finally gotten a digital release. This is classic minimal techno at its most restrained, icy and spooky. Sleeparchive takes cues from Dan Bell’s DBX project, from Mika Vainio’s various projects on Sähkö and „Concept“-phase Richie Hawtin and adds his own sense of dark urgency and skillfull sonic precision to the mix. „Radio Transmission“ sounds like a transmission from a scientific lab where Sleeparchive is conducting experiments in repetition with his TR-808 drum machine and his SH-101 synth. Austere and angular techno tracks that have proven to be highly effective on the dancefloor. A classic.

Sven von Thülen | Aug 20, 2012


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