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Cellar Door Idjut Boys


London-based duo Idjut Boys treat us to an album full of laidback disco and yacht rock excursions, played live and produced with a dub fiend's love for echo, space and reverb.

Conrad McDonnel and Dan Tyler aka the infamous Idjut Boys have finally released a new full-length album filled with their dub-infused disco magic (via the Oslo-based Smalltown Supersound label). This being said, „Cellar Door“ is most definitely less aimed at the dancefloor than it is to take you on a dub filled journey through organic disco and Balearic tropes. To record the album the London-based duo visited Norwegian jazz maestro Bugge Wesseltoft in his Oslo home to add some of his intricate piano playing (on the beautifully skanking „Le Wasuk“ for instance), while they’ve also worked with legendary acid-jazz-come-Balearic-house-outfit A Man Called Adam and guitarist and drummer Andy Hopkins for maximum live feel. „One For Kenny“ (which is a tribute to the late UK dj and producer Kenny Hawkes I assume) is another warm and fuzzy highlight of dubwise disco, as is the yacht rock style jam of  „Going Down“ with A Man Called Adam’s Sally Rodgers on vocals. Great album for fans of Prins Thomas or DJ Harvey (just to name a few).

Sven von Thülen | Aug 13, 2012


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