Wishmountain Is Dead Wishmountain

    Matthew Herbert's seminal blueprint, which heralded the second phase of techno minimalism, has released digitally for the first time. A lesson in 90s techno conceptualism.

    Nearly ten years before techno conceptualist Matthew Herbert released his P.C.C.O.M manifesto (short for: Personal Contract For The Composition Of Music), in which he stated not to use drum machine, synthesizers, presets or any other already existing sound while making his music, he had already begun (and excelled in) his experiments with transforming sounds from everyday objects like pepperpots, salad tossers, crisps or cheesegraters into quirky and abstract dance tracks using his Wishmountain moniker. Originally released in 1998, „Wishmountain Is Dead“ compiled most of his work in a final farewell release consisting of sixteen tracks, including the new school minimal techno blueprints „Radio“ and „Salad Tosser.“ Over fifteen years later those legendary techno experiments have finally been released digitally for the first time, coinciding with Matthew Herbert’s surprising decision to revive Wishmountain again and release a new album called „Tesco“ (you guess where he went to record the sounds he used on that). If you are interested in techno’s more abstract yet humorous and playful ventures into experimental and conceptual work be sure to check out „Wishmountain Is Dead.“ It is a stone cold classic.

    Sven von Thülen | Aug 20, 2012
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