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Sommer Deepchord


Rod Modell aka Deepchord returns to Soma Records for another session of mesmerizing dub-infused house and techno. Truly meditative and soothing stuff.

Rod Modell is back with another extended journey into the deepest realms of reverb and delay-drenched house and techno. There aren’t many producers out there who have mastered these soothing dub-infused excursions quite like the Detroit-native. For his newest album „Sommer,“ Modell returns to Slam’s Soma Records after last year’s ode to Amsterdam „Hash-Bar Loops“ and needless to say, the thirteen tracks are as hazy, smoked-out and woozy as a good Deepchord record gets, expertly weaved into a blanket of ever-modulating warm and analog textures with beautifully muffled kicks as their pulse. Tracks like „Cruising Towards Dawn,“ „Spring Mist“ or „Alfama“ are some of his most dancey tracks in a while (obviously they are still as deep as the Pacific Ocean) with truly mesmerizing potential. Another quality release by Rod Modell aka Deepchord.

Sven von Thülen | Sep 3, 2012
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