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From Detroit To St Germain (the complete series for connoisseurs) St Germain


Before Ludovic Navarre aka St. Germain went all future jazz he was a rave kid with a love for all things Detroit. "From Detroit To St. Germain" compiles his early techno and house productions.

When I listen to St. Germain, I often wonder if it's true - the story that Detroit’s outspoken deep house maestro Moodymann punched Ludovic Navarre (the man behind St. Germain) in the face, when he once by chance bumped into him in a Parisian club. The story goes that Moodymann was pissed off by Navarré’s extensive sampling of old jazz and soul records. Something the afro-centric Moodymann considered a major offence. Whatever really happened back then, it’s not surprising that Navarre has titled the compilation of his early work as St. Germain „From Detroit To St. Germain,“ since the Motor City’s musical heritage was a big inspiration for the French producer. The eighteen tracks featured here were all recorded in the early to mid 90s when Navarré was still deeply devoted to house and techno. There are a lot of classics to be found here, like „Alabama Blues,“ „Modus Vivendi,“ the French Touch blueprints „The First Time“ and „Walk So Lonely“ or the warehouse bangers „The First Time“ and „Jack On The Groove.“ The sounds of Roland’s legendary drum machines reign supreme on „From Detroit To St. Germain,“ before Navarré would eventually replace them with real musicians. Great to have these tracks finally available digitally.

Sven von Thülen | Sep 3, 2012
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