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Traces Motion Sickness Of Time Travel


Rachel Evans is back with another convincing transmission of exploratory ambient for the hypnagogic generation. An album with two extended jams full of spiralling synths and ghostly vocals.

Rachel Evans aka Motion Sickness Of Time Travel kicks off the newly minted A Guide To Saints label with two extended excursions, with the first clocking in at the twenty minute mark, and the second just over fifteen minutes. Both tracks showcase Evans' trademark style of intricately layered woozy synth explorations and vocal manipulations. „Traces“ is the first in a series of „Cassette Diaries.“ As a press release explains, „Cassette Diaries is a series of momentary musics - recordings made in short periods of times - be that a day, a week or a little bit more.“ If you liked her last album on Spectrum Spools you will quite possibly be equally captivated by „Traces.“ Especially „Colour Changing Eyes“ with its endlessly spiralling synth motive and the hauntingly warped vocal-loops that unfold into true stargazing bliss.

Sven von Thülen | Aug 27, 2012


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