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FE3O4 Mika Vainio


Legendary Finnish producer Mika Vainio is back with another explorative journey into sonic minimalism. Drones, noise, silence - Vainio knows how to build menacing music from very few elements.

Mika Vainio is back from the lab he calls studio with another stunning exercise in experimental minimalism. Mika Vainio’s work is known for his precision, bordering on the clinical and on „FE3O4“ the Finnish producer explores the dynamics between silence and sound. Drones appear and disappear, leaving only silence until menacing bass bursts or short cuts of circuit noise scare the living hell out of you. This is really heady brew and as experimental and demanding as it gets, but if you like these kinds of academic exercises, listening to „FE3O4“ can be pretty rewarding. If you wanna check out one album of exploratory sonic experimentation, make it this.

Sven von Thülen | Sep 10, 2012


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