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Images from the South Amadeus Guitar Duo


Cliché-free guitar music from Italy, Spain, Brasil, Venezuela and Bolivia.

The Amadeus Guitar Duo are one of the best and most consistent guitar duos in the world. The Canadian-German ensemble consisting of Dale Kavanagh and Thomas Kirchhoff has delivered a wide repertoire of high-quality interpretations of guitar music for over 25 years. For "Images From The South", the pair have brought together compositions with a distinctive "Mediterranean" or "Southern" feel. The programme of pieces by Castelnuovo-Tedesco, Carulli, Villa-Lobos, Rodrigo, Tárrega and contemporary composers of guitar music Alfonso Montes and Gerald Garcia is an impressive mix of well- and lesser-known works. Thankfully, this goes far beyond the well-worn cliché of Hispanic folk music and reveals the breadth and variety of "Romanic" (not romantic!) music from Italy to Spain, from Brasil to Venezuela. Kavanagh and Kirchhoff enjoy a delightful and almost symbiotic musical partnership and display incredible technical expertise. The album was originally released in 2007 on Hänssler Classic but is now being re-released on Naxos with the extra track "Casablanca (A Story, A Place And A Kiss)" by Bolivian composer Jaime Zenamon.

Salvatore Pichireddu | Jan 25, 2016
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