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Mozart: Piano Concerti & Overtures Frölich, Andreas


Mozart's piano concertos from Armenia! Can that work? No arrogance here please - it certainly can! Martin Frölich and the Armenian Philharmonic offer pure quality.

How quickly one finds one's own prejudices... Mozart piano concertos from Armenia? Anyone reaching for a good old Austro-German interpretation is really missing out on something. This Armenian Mozart is damn good! And that is not only due to the eternal solo insider tip Andreas Frölich with his accentuated, hyper- exact style that still manages to catch every emotion. It is particularly also because of the wonderfully fresh and alert musical style of the Armenian Philharmonic that leaves an impression of being cheeky and fresh under the direction of Eduard Topchjan even more so that the usual, perhaps slightly Mozart saturated orchestras. You notice that the Armenians have long studied the leading musical theories, without taking on their negative elements. I mean, here is an orchestra that actually has its own sound, which is something only rarely heard. Sirs, I take my hat off to you! These piano concertos show a deep understanding for Mozart's work and are for me the most exciting thing to pop up in this field in many years. For anyone who doesn't believe me, have a listen!

Rainer Aschemeier | Aug 13, 2014


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