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Mutant Arca


After working for Björk and Kanye West - has Arca gone flat after "Xen"? "Mutant" suggests exactly the opposite.

We can't really tell if working with Kanye West and Björk helped to fill Arca's heart or – more likely – bank account. But after these little trips into the world of pop, Arca has gone back to his machine dystopia, taking up the broken mood from where "Xen" left off – it is frosty, edgy, nothing fits together. The tracks on "Mutant" sound more like the pieces of a puzzle with no easy solution: simultaneously confusing and exciting. The title track for example is a nasty tsunami, strong and heavy, "Snakes" in contrast is a hissing invitation, while "Front Load" offers IDM fans that little something special. We can tell that Arca wants to push the listener, to make us question the familiar. And there can be no doubt but that he does that. But every listener has to solve this puzzle for themselves.

Marco Fuchs | Nov 23, 2015
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