Mature Themes Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti

    “Mature Themes,” the second album by Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti, makes the step from lo-fi weirdness to trash pop, featuring noise, kitsch and catchiness.

    “Mature Themes” is the second album by Ariel Pink’s group, Haunted Graffiti. On it Pink has left his lo-fi roots behind, celebrating a form of trash pop that leaves you never quite sure whether it is tongue-in-cheek or not. Most of the music on “Mature Themes” is probably – hopefully – meant ironic, though. This goes especially for the overtly kitschy “Symphony of the Nymph,” which just can’t be meant to be serious, it’s so trashy. “Driftwood” has a catchy bass line and strong ’60s feel, while “Early Birds of Babylon” approaches ’90s noise and underground rock. The title track and “Only In My Dreams” are catchy, melodious pop songs. Obtaining enough weirdness to steer clear of the mainstream, this album, nevertheless, has quite an amount of pop appeal.

    Klaas Ilse | Sep 3, 2012
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