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Blackstar (Explicit) David Bowie


David Bowie presented "Blackstar" only days before he passed away, an album which expresses his love of the avant-garde better than any other.

Only two days after the release of his 25th studio album, the world mourned the passing of one of the most remarkable pop musicians of all time. "Blackstar" was recorded immediately after the previous, comeback album "The Next Day" (2013) but, in terms of style, it depicted his art rock in a very different form: fewer songs, but often of epic length, draw the listener into a seductive, unique synthesis of electronic and acoustic jazz, elegance and quirkiness. The opening title song casts a mysterious veil over the entire album and recalls experiments à la Radiohead's "Kid A" to some degree (definitely comparable to its rejection of any kind of accessibility). "Lazarus" is the title song of Bowie's Broadway musical of the same name and characterised by swelling saxophones and distorted rhythms. The album closes on "I Can't Give Everything Away" and a message made all the more poignant by Bowie's death: "Saying no but meaning yes / This is all I ever meant / That's the message that I sent". A magnificent, fascinating life.

Marie von der Heydt | Jan 12, 2016


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