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Guitarscapes Gothenburg Combo


Exciting new recording of Terry Riley's "In C" for (up to) 22 acoustic guitars played by Swedish guitar duo Gothenburg Combo.

The first public performance of "In C" on Nov. 4, 1964, at the San Francisco Tape Center introduced a new musical era. With the same force as Stravinsky's "Sacre Du Printemps", Terry Riley and his revolutionary work changed the way future generations would listen to music; "Minimal Music" was born and had been given its first (and still most) emblematic work. Half a century and numerous interpretations of Riley's magnum opus later, Swedish guitar duo Gothenburg Combo (consisting of David Hansson and Thomas Hansy) have recorded an intoxicating version of "In C" for (up to) 22 (!) acoustic guitars. The cleverly combined sound of their nylon-and steel-strung guitars alternates between bluesy, experimental and classical sounds revealing the work's various levels in a completely new way. The duo's own composition "America", a five-part suite, demonstrates just how far minimal music (at least as far as these Swedes understand it) has evolved in the last 50 years. Whereas in Riley's work the repetitive takes centre-stage, the experimental and the improvised is the main focus here; an interesting counterpoint to Riley and an ideal complement for a very successful album which will certainly delight friends of (contemporary) classical music and fans of experimental, semi-acoustic, avant garde rock music alike.

Salvatore Pichireddu | Apr 13, 2015


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