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LV mix it up again. The East London-based trio dives even deeper into a fusion of kwaito and house on their vocal-heavy sophomore album "Sebenza." Another winner on Kode 9's Hyperdub label.

London-based collective LV release their sophomore album on Kode 9’s Hyperdub, the label which released their very first eps some five years ago. The kwaito influence that has been shining through quite a few of LV’s tracks is stronger than ever on „Sebenza.“ South African mcs Okmalumkoolkat (who also featured on the 2010’s single „Boomslang,“ one of LV’s biggest tracks yet), Spock Mathambo and Ruffest deliver the album’s vocals. And „Sebenza“ is heavy on vocals. In fact, while LV move effortlessly between kwaito-style house, neon boogie funk, slow sensual soul and futuristic house-goes-footwork all tracks feature vocals prominently. Stand-outs have to be the intense album opener „Sebenza,“ with its sweeping rave chords and intricate footwork-style tom patterns and the rattling hip house-inspired party track „Animal Prints,“ if you are looking for material to light up the dance, while the low-slung funkster „Primus Stove“ or the seductive half-time jam „Work“ will surely make the heads out there very happy. „Sebenza“ is a versatile album, which has flow written all over it. Very nice indeed.

Sven von Thülen | Sep 3, 2012

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