The Glorious Dead The Heavy

    The Heavy’s third album still combines neo soul and indie rock, with rumbling grooves and shout-along choruses.

    The Heavy remain true to their fabulous combination of neo soul and indie rock, featuring horn and string sections and loads of samples, opening with a sample from some trashy horror/sci-fi movie trailer. On their third album, “The Glorious Dead,” the band is still in the groove, but next to heavy guitars, acoustic guitar pop (“Curse Me Good”) also makes an appearance. The increased use of samples, compared to “The House That Dirt Built” (2009), lessens the band feel, but still, tracks like “Big Bad Wolf” are awesome, playful and groovy. In its chorus, it makes wonderful use of the line, “I’m gonna huff and puff and blow your house down,” from the fairy tale of the “Three Little Pigs.” The rather melancholic “The Lonesome Road” is another standout track. Except for “Just My Luck,” the songs remain in the midtempo range, but that suits The Heavy just fine, the better to exert their rumbling grooves.

    Klaas Ilse | Sep 3, 2012

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