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V Wavves


Simply called "V", Wavves fifth album shows them at their best - catchy melodic indie surf punk with brash vocal and singalong choruses.

After their joint album with Cloud Nothings, we now have the next album from Wavves following immediately behind. The band around singer and guitarist Nathan Williams (also with Sweet Valley and Spirit Club) has managed to bridge the gap between Beach Boys and pop punk in the Ramones style with "V". Giving us an album that is so catchy it is almost rude. Ok, they might be lacking a few of the sharper edges but you just can't get annoyed at their playful tracks like "Flamezesz", "My Head Hurts", "Tarantula" and "Way Too Much". You quickly forget that albums don't have to be dark and nihilistic to be cool. The best bit is the Wavves don't make any compromises with their sound but it is still somehow accessible. The fuzz guitars give it the required level of raw, even with the lo-fi recording. Wavves is going to have a hard time topping "V".

Klaas Ilse | Oct 9, 2015
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