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right on! jennylee


Warpaint bassist Jenny Lee Lindberg is making her solo debut with an intoxicating lofi dream pop album of post-punk and shoegaze.

It is not really surprising that the bass tracks on "Right On!" sound a lot like Warpaint – Jennylee is Jenny Lee Lindberg and Warpaint bassist. The Californian musician is making her solo debut with "Right On!", and even when the enveloping sound of her main band is unmistakable, Jennylee pours enough DIY lofi into the shoegaze-dreampop mix. It crackles and growls all the way through, while still putting a pure singer-songwriter feel to the whole thing like on "He Fresh". Jennylee keeps it short and sweet on "Right On!". Song titles like "Boom Boom", "Never" and "Riot" don't promise much, they offer a lot because of it. She dives into dark and troubled waters, exploring their full depth, and calls for more riot, but less war. Even though she is going it along, Lindberg still called on well-known studio musicians like Norm Block (Mark Lanegan) and Dan Elkan (Broken Bells), along with Warpaint co-member Stella Mozgawa.

Verena Reygers | Dec 8, 2015


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