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Rotten Ped



Rotten Ped were a band from Milton Keynes in Buckinghamshire and have released 3 albums.

A early version of the band were formed by childhood friends Chris Shaw and Greg Pedder with his schoolboy brother Phill Pedder, all of the members of the band are former pupils of Stantonbury Campus near to Bradville in Milton Keynes where they grew up.

Having recorded several demos the group dissolved and Greg Pedder went onto join the band Solis before leaving to study at Thames Valley University in London and later Glasgow Caledonian University In Scotland. Bassist Shaw would play in several bands and would later co-found the record label Square Peg Round Hole Records and later Eightk72 Records.

In 2007 the band formed as Rotten Ped (the name taken from a nickname given to singer Phill Pedder) and, in 2008, recorded their debut album The Heavenly Sound Of Smut in three days. Although the band had no intentions of releasing it they gave songs away for free on their Myspace site. The album would be largely known for Pedder's excessive use of offensive language and lambasting celebrity culture, Pedder would also hit on subjects such a drug use and teenage pregnancy. The album was released digitally on the Feed That Baby Records label in April 2009, with the extra track "Sexual Favours (200 Quid)", a remix of the album's opener "Sexual Favours", both songs in 2010 would appear in the controversial movie Killer Bitch, starring Alex Reid and Dave Courtney.

The song "Sexual Favours" also featured in the 2010 US short film, Mercy Kill, starring Langley McArol and One Tree Hill actor Cullen Moss. The band's bassist, Chris Shaw, was credited as the film's music supervisor.

Rejecting offers of support slots, the band opted to work on their follow up album. Greg Pedder also remixed songs for several artists on the Feed That Baby Record label.

The band's second album, Fun With Explosives, was released on 26 July 2010, and produced the singles "Destroy All Chavs" and "Flamingos" and featured on the iTunes 'New And Noteworthy' listing. The album had a toned down vocal from Pedder from its predecessor with a more 'radio friendly' sound, and is quoted by the band on their official website as the first proper Rotten Ped album.

In June 2012 the band released a free download of the song "MK13" followed on 2 July 2012 by the release of the band's third album "Green Eyed Monsters", the first release on the band's own BU24 Recordings label, having parted company with their previous label.

On 23 July 2013 the band announced they are now on hiatus, due to 'personal difficulties within the band' with as yet no plans to regroup and record further material.

The band made their split permanent via their Facebook page in December 2013, Pedder (Greg) and Shaw are currently working on an as yet unnamed new project.