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The Hidden Hand



The Hidden Hand was a stoner/doom band from Maryland formed in 2002.

The Hidden Hand was a trio formed by Scott "Wino" Weinrich (guitar and vocals) and Bruce Falkinburg (bass and vocals) and included 3 different drummers. Weinrich had previously been a member of such bands as The Obsessed, Saint Vitus, Spirit Caravan and Place of Skulls. Falkinburg is a professional recording engineer, and his Phase Studios has been the commission site of works by Clutch, Sixty Watt Shaman and Stinking Lizaveta. The band released their debut 7" single De-Sensitized in late 2002, which was quickly followed by their first album Divine Propaganda in 2003. This was followed by a split LP/CD with Washington, D.C. band Wooly Mammoth released to coincide with their appearance at the Emissions from the Monolith festival. Their second full-length, Mother Teacher Destroyer, was released on Southern Lord Records in 2004. After the release of the LP, original drummer Dave Hennessy left the band to focus more time on his band, Ostinato, and was replaced by Evan Tanner. In 2006 drummer Evan Tanner left the band after recording their latest effort, The Resurrection of Whiskey Foote and was replaced by Matt Moulis, who has played in DC area bands Medic and Bison.

Their music is a slight departure in style for Weinrich in that more psychedelic influences are evident. Lyrically, the band deals with politics, history and spirituality. In contrast to his previous bands, Wino has said that The Hidden Hand is political which is reflected in the lyrics.

The band split up in August 2007.